mary linehanMary Linehan

Phone: +44 (0) 753 271 06 09

Founder Mary Linehan, born in Birmingham, left to pursue a career in nursing and held a variety of posts throughout the London area including midwifery, school, district and occupational nursing. Even with Mary’s adventurous spirit the thought of moving from family and friends was daunting and presented a real challenge.

Mary relocated to the Island in 1993 because of her husband’s job in the Finance Sector. He headed up Barclays Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland as well as the Island’s oldest independent bank before retiring to be a busy business consultant.

The family moved from Sunbury on Thames, a suburb of London, with their three daughters then aged 8, 6 and 18 months. The eldest two are now working as an accountant and sports therapists and the youngest is looking forward to going to University this year. All three have been educated on Island.

On moving to the Island Mary joined the team at Hospice Isle of Man and ran the Day Unit for 10 years and also “fronted” the Fundraising and PR Department. This role combined with her husband’s professional and social life took her into all areas of Island life, ranging from Government, large organisations, high net individuals, social and sporting clubs and many more creating a unique and unequaled network. Mary is now an active and passionate member of the Hospice Isle of Man Board and a Director of the Motor Neuron Association Isle of Man. Her decision to set up B was born out of a desire to ensure people who have made the decision to move to the Island have a positive experience and are able to integrate rapidly into the business and social aspects of Island life therefore making the best use of their time.



linda donaldLinda Donald

Phone: +44 7624 461014

Linda is originally from Scotland. She is a former Nurse and University Lecturer, and is also a Magistrate on the Island. She relocated to the Isle of Man in 1992. Her husband was Director of Global Operations for Aon Captive Insurance Services before leaving to set up his own consultancy business. They live in the south of the Island with their golf-mad son, who is pursuing a career in Golf taking him all over the UK to compete.

Linda also enjoys her holidays particularly Dubai and is a keen tennis player, flower arranger and has her own Business “Itsy Ditsy Hats” making exquisite Headpieces.





Jo Page

Phone: +44 7624 487311

Jo Page is originally from London and relocated to the island from Spain in 2014 with her husband and youngest son. 

She’s worked on business development projects for AXA, was part of the management team who set up Eurostar call centre in 1994 and has worked in property management and rentals. Her husband is a qualified audiologist but after a career change has spent the last 11 years working for some of the top online gaming companies.

Jo and her husband are great fans of live music, and travel regularly to see their favourite artists perform. Jo also loves the outdoors and is a member of a local walking group.




Yvonne HallYvonne Hall

Phone: +44 7624474867

Yvonne and her husband relocated to the Island in 1995 with their two daughters then aged 2 and a half and six weeks old. They live in Port St Mary in the South of the Island. Yvonne worked for many years with preschool children and is also an active volunteer for a number of Island based charities.

Some of Yvonne’s favourite places on the Island are Bradda Glen to watch the sunset and Langness where she enjoys walking their 6 year old Springer Spaniel, Billy Whizz!